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<p>A great time to make loads of money is during server outages. This is the point (and it happens often) that the trading servers are intermittently down. This is a great time to pick up bargains and you can easily pick up some rare and non-rare golds at 150 <a href="http://www.fifa15-coin.com/">fifa 15 coins</a>. As you may or may not know, rare golds quick sell for a minimum of 600 coins and non-rares for 300 coins, so if you can pick any of these up for below that amount, you're making money. You're making it really quick too, unless it's a really good player, you should quick selland get straight back on the market. It's pointless putting them on the transfer market as you'll be waiting an hour to sell them and you can make much more than that if you don't wait the hour.</p>
<p>The problem with this method is that you'll have trouble connecting yourself and it will take multiple attempts to connect, you could also disconnect at any time so be very quick and bid like crazy.</p>
<p>You'll also find top players at great prices during outages. I picked up a Ribery card for 241k and later in the day when the searvers were fine, he was going for 285k+</p>
<p>The same can be done with consumables, however, they don't quick sell for more than you need to pay for them so you need to be sure you'll sell them later (when the servers are fine) for more than you bought them for. You can do it with staff though, the rare golds will generally quick sell in excess of 150 coins.</p>
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